The V2B Gravel (Vosges to Black forest) is a self-supported, self-organized Gravel Adventure bike ride.

There is no organization behind it – you can ride it whenever you want, we will provide you with a gpx-track for your ride. There will be a grand depart at the end of august where we will organize a meeting before the start.

The V2B is not a race, nore is it an organized bike event. There is no starting fee and there will be no prizes.

It is all about fun, meeting people and bike-packing. It is up to you if you want to ride it as fast as you can or make it a bike-packing fun trip… just comply with the rules and ride on your own responsibility.

Every rider is responsible for his/her own safety. Safety is first under all circumstances!


There will be a starter and finisher list, published on this website, with all starters and finishers in order of appearance.

There will be six marked but unmanned check points en route.

You can follow the track at the grand depart and check all riders on a followmychallenge 3D map.

To take part in the grand depart, it is mandatory to have a working gps tracker and a whatsapp account, to prove that you followed the whole track and to send a picture from every checkpoint.

If you don’t own a spot tracker you can rent a followmychallenge tracker for the ride.

This ride follows the basic Toby Gadd Rules, refer to this web site for a complete list of the rules:

Some basics

– Self supported biking is just that—self supported. Do. It. Yourself.
– Move only under your own power
– Follow the route (even when/if the route changes)
– Ride unsupported
– Don’t break the law
– Respect the trail and other users
– Leave-no-trace
– …

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